Sunday, June 26, 2011

Modular Office Furniture - A Cost-Effective Custom-Furnishing For Your Office

Various furniture pieces make up a modular office furniture set: cabinets, chest of drawers, racks, chairs, desks, and glass sections. Each furniture piece is standardized so that it makes up a uniform system for that particular modular office furniture model. The cool thing about having various pieces that make up a modular furniture set is that you are able to purchase the furniture pieces that you want, and ignoring all the pieces that you don't need.

The wide selection of furniture pieces allows you to put together your modular office furniture set according to your wants and needs. Furthermore, modular furniture can allows you to easily adjust the interior of any size office by merely re-combining individual modular furniture pieces.

Durable and practical materials such as solid woods, metal, plastic, glass, and veneer are used for modular office furniture pieces. The common finishings are synthetic veneer, laminate, chrome parts, PVC, etc. These long lasting materials allow you own the furniture for years to come. Some current popular styles are metal and plastic, including contemporary designs with aluminum frames and clear or frosted glass. Other modern styles incorporate chrome-plated metal legs, giving the furniture the illusion of floating above the floor.

Another cool thing is that modular furniture sets come in a wide variety of colors. It's a good idea to select lighter shades that soothe your workers and improve their work efficiency. Remember that bright colors usually cause unnecessary agitation for everyone in the office.

Modular office furniture has made some big improvements during the last ten years, from standard individual furniture pieces to contemporary modular sets.

Ease-Of-Use and Furniture Mobility

Most modern modular furniture sets are mobile and very easy to handle. Tables and chairs have adjustable height capabilities and chairs have elegant armrests and wheels. There are even some models that have the ability to adjust the positioning of their tabletops. Shelves, drawers, and cabinets are large enough to store the majority of your stuff within your reach while your working.

Furniture Layout and Design

The key behind modular office furniture's wide appeal is its ability to efficiently organize an office's available space. This creates healthy, stress-free working conditions for everyone on your team.

You'll need to measure the size of your rooms and imagine the layout of your furniture, before choosing what modular office furniture model you want to purchase. For example, if you have a smaller office, large cabinets and drawers might look overwhelming and cumbersome. However, that same modular furniture set-up would look great in a larger room with high ceilings and open space. If you're not really sure how you want your office furniture to look, it might be a good idea to hire an interior design specialist. Your interior designer will be able to sketch numerous furniture arrangements for you to get a good idea of the possibilities. You may also want to invest in modular office furniture that you can change and add to over time as your office staff grows in size.

Furniture and Installation Prices

A modular office furniture set is usually cheaper than purchasing each individual furniture piece at retail. However, before you make your purchase, ask to see if installation is also included. Your installation fee is usually included in the price of the furniture. This results in a 10-15% mark-up in price for this set-up. If you find a company advertising free installation, they probably just added the installation into the price of the modular furniture from the beginning.

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